tatum is 3!!

it's hard to believe that our little ball of fire is three.
especially since it seems like she's always been here,
and apart of our family.

we had a great time celebrating her at hunting camp.
she napped through most of the FSU/Florida game,
but woke up ready to go and celebrate a 'nole victory.

family, a few friends, cupcakes, and opening some presents is all this girl needed.
she did enjoy telling us, "no, two" when anyone said she was three.
and is still insisting on being two.....this mama will take it!



tons of food,
and thankful hearts...
everything thanksgiving should be!

last weekend

we headed to tallahassee to visit erica and the kids.
and to take the kids to their first ever florida state game.
the weather was typical tallahassee:
rainy and cold on saturday,
and rainy and muggy on sunday.

ever so thankful for a tent and close parking spot during our rainy tailgate,
and my awesome hubby hooked us up with box seats for the game.
not your typical game experience, but we stayed dry!
the kids had a great time watching the band, taking part in the tomahawk chop,
watching burt reynolds throw the spear,
and cheering our team to a victory!

after the events that took place on campus a few days before the game,
the feeling of unity was stronger than ever before.
so proud to be a 'nole!


these two

oh, how i love them.
they make me laugh,
sometimes cry,
wear me down,
build me up,
keep me honest,
love me unconditionally,
challenge me,
and make my life and my heart full.

(picture from this summer with tan skin and light hair!)



we headed up to the old neighborhood to trick-or-treat with great friends.
good food, kids running around,
lots of picture taking,
candy filled bags,
a fun scavenger hunt,
cool temperatures
and the cutest cat and handsomest darth vader i have ever seen
made for a great halloween night.

costume parade

one of the highlights of every school year is hands down the costume parade.
after much thought august decided a pirate was the costume to wear.
tatum picked her cat costume and ran around the house meowing and pawing.
during the parade tatum picked up two really cute nerds!


october from the iphone

silliness trying to capture a newly toothless grin.

celebrating 7 with the family.

bird dog silhouette painting for the back porch.

new do for mama.

chuck e. cheese for the birthday boy and his buddy.

johnson stivender got a monogram pumpkin from my favorite place to shop.

gran got her first buck!

cow hide and a bible.  love small town living.

my machine took a break from working.
drove a cadillac for a few days.
the pinto is back up and running, and i kinda like how simple she is.
but, that caddy had some cool perks too!

being goofy while waiting to see the dr.

well protected at the homecoming parade.

princess day at dance.

our pirate and cat all ready for the costume parade.


family shots at the beach

this is always by far the hardest set of pictures to edit every year.
there are so many....
good ones,
bad ones,
eyes closed,
somebody looking away,
grouchy little girls who fall asleep right before picture time.
but, they are a treat to look back through year after year.

so without further ado....